Laborers Local 60
  1. An applicant seeking a referral to a job must register his or her name on the out-of-work list either by phone call or by signing up in person at the union hall. Only applicants who are not currently employed at the trade may register their availability for referral.
  2. Applicants who have registered their availability for referral will be listed in order of seniority according to their date of registration.
  3. Applicants shall be removed from the out-of-work list upon receiving a job referral, regardless of the duration of the job. An applicant who is laid off or discharged from a job must again register by telephone or in person in order to be included on the out-of-work list. The applicant will return to his or her former position on the out-of-work list if the duration of the job is 5 days or less.
  4. When the local union determines that the applicant who is first on the out-of-work list cannot be referred because of refusal, unavailability, or lack of required skill, the Local union shall then refer the next applicant on the out-of-work list who is willing, available, and has the required skills.
  5. Any applicant who refuses work for two consecutive referrals on two different days will be moved to the bottom of the out-of-work list.
  6. Three unanswered phone calls is equivalent to one refusal. An applicant will be considered unavailable if he or she cannot be reached after one unanswered telephone call made to all phone numbers provided and does not return the call within a 24 hour period.
  7. Applicants must re-register their availability for referral every 90 days in order to keep their position on the out-of-work list. If an applicant fails to re-register his or her name after a 90 day period they will be dropped to the bottom of the out-of-work list. If this occurrs a second time the applicant will be removed from the out-of-work list.
  8. If an applicant has been previously dropped once to the bottom of the referral list and upon a second consecutive attempt cannot be reached, the applicant will then be removed from the referral list.
  9.  Referral calls shall be made during referral hours of 2:30pm – 4:30pm. If a person is not available outside of the referral hours it does not count against them as a refusal. Every effort will be made to make referral calls during these referral hours. However, in emergency situations outside of these referral hours, the dispatcher may refer qualified applicants to the best of his knowledge in order of registration on the out-of-work list. These referrals will usually require the dispatcher to find applicants within close proximity to the job site.
  10. An applicant may freeze his or her name on the out-of-work list, when they are unable to work due to illness or injury or any other applicable reason for a period of no longer than 30 days. If in the event the 30 day period is reached and the applicant is still not available for work they will be dropped to the bottom of the out-of-work list.




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